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(1) Einstein's Confidence Trick; (2)  Hubble Constant's nonsense when Einstein's e=mc^2 is applied; (3) The Experts' cone-shaped universe with no 'back-drop' thus no universe able to be seen (?); and (4) Universe written anew by virtue of brand-new Universal Constant, are presented below - and a presetation that is not rocket science.

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Einstein's 'thought experiment' presenting the 'equivalence of gravity and acceleration', that they are 'one and the same', has seduced the World's scientific community out of its critical faculties for over a century.

If I was the person floating at the centre of Einstein's box floating in the vacuum of space, and suddenly found my feet touching the box-'floor', I would know with certainty, as should everyone, that the box had been pulled upward (acceleration)  

And I would know, also with certainty, that my feet touching the floor could not have been caused by attraction toward a larger body (gravity)

I would not be "uncertain" as Einstein cunningly suggests.

I would be certain the box had been pulled upward thanks to Galileo Galilei's circa-1600ce experiment  revealing that 'all bodies fall at the same speed'. (in a vacuum)

And a proven fact which makes impossible my feet touching the box-floor being due to gravity.

And because box and person will fall toward larger, attracting body at the same rate of travel and with box making contact with larger body before feet make contact with box, which will have already made contact with larger body.

So no equivalent event of feet touching box-floor due to both acceleration and gravity : only acceleration of box makes feet touch floor.

Thus there is no equivalence of gravity and acceleration as Einstein would have us believe, and to establish the building-block of his General Theory of Relativity.

Einstein's cunning 'sleight-of-mind' substitution of Aristotle's 'heavier bodies fall faster' (person must be heavier than box in Einstein's mind) for that which displaced it after 1,800-years of unquestioning acceptance, namely, Galileo's 'all bodies fall at an equal speed' certainly questions the basis of Einstein's "happiest thought".

Either Einstein is conducting a confidence-trick, and one wittingly intended to avoid earning the disdain entailed in having to beg the scientific community to please make 'a leap-of-faith' into acceptance of his 'spacetime-continuum', and thus its 'distortion by curvature-of-bodies' and which causes gravity - both of which linked notions are fundamental building blocks upon which Einstein's General Theory of Relativity is built; OR Einstein believed Aristotle's 'heavier bodies fall faster', rather than Galileo's 'bodies fall at an equal speed', and which the World's scientific community accepts as a fundamental truth of physical science?   

No 'equivalence of gravity and acceleration', means no 'distortion' of  'spacetime-continuum' causing gravity. 

Indeed, a 'spacetime-continuum' has no cause or reason to exist.

Thus there is no reason, no cause whatsoever for Einstein's General Theory of Relativity. 

The Theory is wittingly built on the entirely false premise of Einstein's Long-Con, that acceleration and gravity are one and the same, but has been shown above to not be so.

2/3 reveals Einstein's attempt to protect his spacetime-continuum  (what spacetime-continuum?) from providing the grounds for exceeding the speed-of-light-constant 'c', and with the 'squaring-of-'c' Einstein invents another 'equivalence' which does not work, on neither the atomic scale, nor the galactic scale - only a small percentage of the atom's mass remains missing, seen in 'the atom defect', but 95% of the universe is 'believed missing, believed invisible, believed undetectable' : 4-pounds-weight must be added to every pound-weight in the universe to make e=mc^2 work!

It is both Einstein's equation e=mc^2 which is regarded as being unfit-for-purpose, and the atom and the universe being forced to comply with the equation,  which creates the Experts' crackpot universe, and the prevention of scientific advance leading to, for example,  a 6-dof spacecraft propulsion unit.

The most famous of equations, e=mc^2, is very much the name of 'the tailor' of 'A New Emperor's New Clothes'   

If there is indeed no substance to the existence of gravity then there can be no 'gravitational wave' and LIGO may have had  its interferometry disturbed by a hit by the new particle which suddenly appeared out of nowhere to question the particle-set of The Theory of Everything.

It would be a great international shame indeed if Professor Stephen Hawking was seen to have maybe thrown in the towel on life because his major life-work on Black Holes was rubbished as a consequence of a one-hundred-year-old+ confidence trick.






Hubble's  invitation to Einstein to visit his observatory was, in essence, an opportunity for Hubble to show off his new-fangled space-entities called 'galaxies'; their flying away from each other; and at an increasing speed.   

Following his visit Einstein fervently sought a 'variant-'c'.

And a variant-'c' able to cater for the supposedly impossible exceeding of the speed-of-light, 'c', 186,262-miles-per-second,  now a real possibility, because of Hubble's runaway galaxies.  And to happen in Einstein's own 'spacetime-continuum' to cast serious doubt on a fundamental building-block of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity to bring the whole Theory into question.

To explain :  two galaxies flying away from each other need only reach 50.01% of 'c' for Einstein's spacetime-continuum to be entertaining a contradiction of a fundamental building-block of his General Theory of Relativity, the exceeding of 'c'. 

Neither of the two galaxies speeding away from each other actually reach the 'critical-mass' which automatically causes self-annihillation when arriving at 'c', as the speed is not actual, but only 'relative'.  

Even so, being 'relative' is the fundamental basis of Einstein's thought, so if one curvature distorts the 'spacetime-continuum' to cause gravity, two curvatures of two galaxies would seem to suggest some reaction or other must take place at 'relative' 'c', and the almighty bang of two galaxies self-annihilating would seem to  be the appropriate reaction.

Even if Einstein is given the benefit of the doubt and actual 'critical-mass' has to be reached before self-annihilation occurs and as his squaring of 'c' would seem to convey, both opposed galaxies will carry-on increasing in speed until 'c' is actually reached anyway, and with self-anihilation assured in accord with Einstein's fundamental belief regarding 'c'.   

In Einstein's thinking an exceeding of 'c' is prevented by a body's attainment of 'critical-mass' - that which is aimed for to make an atomic bomb go bang - an explosive release of energy within the body's mass, the very internal energy which reacts against/with the spacetime-continuum to cause bodies to be spat around the universe like pips from a squeezed grape.  

If the speed of 'c' is indeed to be reached by opposed, runaway galaxies, what will their self-annihilation mean for the spacetime-continuum?   

Can an annihilation of the spacetime-continuum itself occur by galaxies continuing to self-annihilate?

Or can it  be ruled out? 

And as it must be if Einstein's General Theory of Relativity is to hold together and survive.

So how does the 'variant-'c' Einstein came-up-with, the 'squaring-of-'c', manage to protect his spacetime-continuum from annihilation by self-annihilating galaxies?

With the squaring-of-'c' Einstein seems to be losing faith with the purely 'relative' by visibly choosing with the 'squaring' that galaxies must reach actual physical critical-mass, and by actually reaching 'c' before they go bang.

The combined speed of two oppositely travelling galaxies reaching 'c' in the spacetime-continuum wiill mean an exceeding of 186,262mps right through to 34,653,532,644 miles-per-second combined, and after they had, at some mystical point or other, suddenly took-off to rush away from each other in the spacetime-continuum at an increasing rate-of-knots for no readily apparent reason or knowable cause.

So Einstein must have ruled-out the possibility of any two galaxies travelling away from each other self-annihilating at exactly the same moment in time, even at such an incredible speed. And no matter how infinitesimely small the time difference, this he must have taken as serving to protect the spacetime-continuum, for want of any other idea coming to mind, by giving it recovery time, and to thus prevent two great chunks of spacetime-continuum being removed at exactly the same time by two self-annihilating galaxies and to threaten spacetime-continuum survival by it suffering a disconnect into annihilation.

Either this, or 'c'-squared is just 'a big number' which, like Grandma's shawl, can 'cover' to avoid any and every awkward eventuality.

But whether at reaching 50%-of-'c', as Einstein's emphatic use of 'relativity' suggests to be a certainty, or at 100%-of-'c' as his 'squaring' suggests in his fudge regarding protecting the spacetime-continuum, Hubble's runaway galaxies will eventually be reaching critical-mass and self-annihilating in the heavens.

According to Einstein, that is.

And to provide an amazing and continuous firework-display as billions of galaxies continue to tear away from each other.

According to Hubble, that is. 

And backed by the (somewhat shaky) truth of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, of course.

Whole galaxies self-annihilating mere moments apart, a sight to behold indeed, and on a continuing basis as billions of galaxies continue to fly-apart at an ever-increasing speed.  

Where in heavens might this sight be enjoyed? 

How to find-out?  

Do what cosmologists do, and use the Hubble Constant.

Hubble asserts an incremental increase in the speed of galaxy-separation of 44-miles-per-second for every 2-mega-parsecs of distance from an Earth-bound observer.

A mega-parsec is 1-million parsecs, with a parsec equal to 3.26-light-years : 2-Mpc = 6.5-million-light-years.

44-Mps divided into 'c' 186,262-mps, gives the amount of increments of 2-Mps needed to be reached, 4,233, for a galaxy to attain 'c' and reach critical-mass in order to go bang.

6.5-million-light-years multiplied by 4,233  equalss 23,456,250-bly.

23.5-billion-light-years distance from an Earth-bound observer must be reached by one of Hubble's runaway galaxies before it will go bang.

23.5-bly in space-travel takes 23.5-billion-years in time.

The first thought is that in a universe presently 13.82-billion-years-old means a rather long wait of 9.6-billion-years before fireworks become a permanent feature of the universe.

But such a thought is not valid in all universes.

The Experts' 'cone-shaped' universe, for example, has a 'visible-distance' within of 92-billion-light-years : an 'ice-cream-cone' entertaining '7-times-too-much ice-cream' so to speak'. 

Spot the similàrity with Dr Who's TARDIS (Time And Relative Displacement In Space) a regular feature on tv-screens since the mid-1960s?

An internet-search for 'Lambda - CDM, The Experts' 'Standard Model' of the cosmos, will carry a sketch of this cone.

'Lambda - Cold Dark Matter Constant' is The Experts version of our universe, the 'Standard Model' of our cosmos, and agreed to in the mid-1980s.  

It is based on Einstein's 'relativity' equation being seemingly combined with Hubble's notions, but with both being kept entirely separate by means of the Greek-letter Einstein chose for 'fervent pursuit of a variant 'c'', Lambda, an upside-down upper-case V.

And this letter is used to carry-forward Hubble's input into the universe as a 'unity'. Thus it is that which can in no way be worked-in to affect Einstein's equation : by workings and considerations related to Lambda - CDM's '95% believed missing, believed invisible, believed undetectable' universe, for example - as has been done above to arrive at a cosmic fireworks-display, to reveal the possible oddity of outcomes on a cosmic scale when Einstein and Hubble are attempted to be combined.

The failure of Einstein's 'e' of e=mc^2 fame, to account for the mass and acceleration of bodies, at the edge of galaxies for example, forces a nonsensical  (e = mc^2)  =  (e = 5mc^2), onto the whole of the universe : 4-kilogrammes of mass needs to be added to every kilogramme of mass in the universe, 4-kgs of missing, invisible, undetectable 'Dark Matter' that is, and which accounts for 23% of the 95% of missing universe.

The 'e' of e=mc^2 is also used to account for the energy needed to make the universe's galaxies fly away from each other at an increasing rate, and by the invention of a Dark Energy : the missing 72% of the 95% of the universe which, as with Dark Matter, is also believed missing, invisible and undetectable.

All to keep-up the appearance of e = mc^2 having a scientific validity, and also to keep-up the appearance of the validity of Hubble's notions.

Hubble's 72% share in the non-sensical '95% missing, invisible, undetectable'  universe stems from his easy leap onto The Big Bang band-wagon offering natural 'universal divergence'.

The Big Bang may be likened to a hand-grenade exploding to send its shrapnel outward in an ever-increasing sphere of bits.

But in the vacuum of space the explosion sends the bits in every direction, at the same speed-of-travel, in a straight-line-unique-direction of travel, unalterably so, and forever.

The Big Bang Theory had been around for time enough for Hubble to have realised that the divergence of the 'bits' of the universe is an incontravertible fact if claimed as a basis for a fame-giving Theory - Hubble was a self-agrandiser who  though nothing of awarding existing honours to himself without the knowledge  of awarding bodies.

The Experts were also aware that 'universal divergence' existed, but as a problem that needed to be explained away, and by entering into a realm less-complex than a growing sphere which would obviously result in a seemingly empty universe by now, to anyone on a diverged 'bit', and thus into a cone-shaped universe more amenable to mathematics and thus dynamic physics, and not the inertia leading to an apparently 'empty universe'.

The Experts claim that The Big Bang's totality of powered-mass was  manhandled by the pre-existing Laws of Physics to be 'blunderbussed' into a uni-directional 'cone-shaped' universe.

(Hopefully, imminent eyes-surgery will speed-up  completion of 2/3 & 3/3) 




 ooE = M1<_x10*3 - >a-M  



MassOneIncreasing toward _ ten-to-the-power-of-three, 



(currently that is: Equation 3/4)



Based on near-1,000/1 relationship of the mass of any galaxy and its central Super-Massive Black Hole : given the widely differing distances between and across galaxies, and their vastly differing sizes, from a million-or-so to tens-of-billions of solar-masses, the only possible cause of  this indisputable constancy across the Universe necessarily being ENTANGLEMENT OF EACH AND EVERY ATOM IN THE UNIVERSE

[See U-tube BBC_Horizon_"Who's afraid of a big Black Hole? " _ go to_ 50 minutes_ Professor Romesh Narayan, Harvard_ on Black Holes: _go to_20 minutes _ Professor Michio Kaku fails Einstein's maths.]


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